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Dominion checks contain pennies

Those highly publicized Dominion Energy settlement checks may not be what you hoped for.

Some are for pennies. 

None so far reported have been for more than $100.

Dominion isn’t saying how many were written and mailed or for how much.

The utility has not responded to the Chronicle.

Chronicle reader Tom Plowden reported he received a check for $97.76

“The Dominion announcement was about $1,000 per household,” he said. 
“I did the math on the 18% of each month’s SCE&G bill which had gone to the failed nuclear project, calculating I’d be getting about 18 months rebate of 9 years worth of fraud.” 

A River Bluff High teacher reported she received a 14 cent refund check. 

Dominion spent more on postage getting it to her.

Chronicle editors have seen social media posts about refund checks with incorrect information. 

Chronicle reader Letha Drafts told us her 18-cent check has the wrong name.

She asked what to do. 

SCANA's Zundria Green told the Chronicle customers should contact the Claims Administrator at 877-432-3808, or .

More than 737,000 former SC Electric & Gas ratepayers were get back part of the $2 billion the Public Service Commission allowed SCE&G to charge them for the failed $9 billion nuclear plant that may never generate a kilowatt of electricity.

The average ratepayer may get less than $90 of the $60 million class-action lawsuit settlement. 

The payments are to be made almost 2 months after the settlement between SCE&G – now owned by Dominion – and 11 lawyers who sued for the ratepayers.

This is not the $1,000 Dominion promised in its campaign to buy SCE&G and its parent company, Lexington County-based SCANA Corp. 

That was dropped. Instead, Dominion promised up to 15% is rate cuts.


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