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  • Amber Kyzer

Ex-wife: I was abused

Lexington County father murdered 5 kids

By Mark Bellune


The mother of Tim Jones Jr.’s 5 murdered children said he badly abused her.
Amber Kyzer was subpoenaed to testify Tuesday during the death penalty phase of his trial for brutally murdering their 5 children in Red Bank in 2014.
Kyzer had moved out of the home by then, believing Jones would be a good father and that the kids loved him.
She detailed incidents of physical abuse, like Jones knocking her out with a head butt and throwing a phone at her face, knocking her teeth out.
Their oldest daughter saw some of this but mostly saw him spitting in her face.
“He said he would chop me up and feed me to the pigs because they would leave nothing but my teeth and no one would find me.”
“I’m here for my babies,” Kyzer opened.
“I can’t bring myself wanting anyone to die,” she said.
“But I’m okay with letting the jury decide.”
Kyzer was mad, sad and pointed, addressing Jones and the jury directly.
“When I hear what my babies went through, as a mother, if I could personally rip his face off, I would.
“I do not wish what I went through on anybody else.
“I pray for Tim.”
Asked by the defense if she wanted mercy she replied, “Yes.”
“He did not show mercy to my kids, but they loved him,” she said. “Nothing justifies what you’ve done to my babies,” she said looking directly at Jones.
Jones wiped tears from his eyes.
“I hope for mercy for you. I pray for you.”
Kyzer said she didn’t have “physical means” to care for her children, “but they were loved.”
“If they died thinking I didn’t want them or love them, that would just kill me.”
“I want the Jones family to know that this is not my choice,” she said looking to the family.
She said of learning of the atrocities against her kids, “I was like ‘fry him.’”
She testified Jones played chicken with an 18-wheeler, missing it just in time and laughing about it with her and the kids in the car. She said she reported it to police.
She also wanted to clear the record about her neighbor and future husband Shawn Kyzer. He was 24 and she was 27 when Jones began sleeping with a teenaged babysitter.
“Here I am being accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old boy, and it was him that was doing it.”
Online: Jones’ family history was full of rape, prostitution, violence and alcohol and drug abuse. Go to .


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