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What next for Nikki Haley?

Former Lexington resident Nikki Haley will leave as US Ambassador to the United Nations at the end of the year.

Where she will be going and what she will be doing is not yet known.

President Trump said at the Oval Office that she had told him 6 months ago that she would leave at the end of the year. 

The president called her “fantastic.”

Mrs. Haley is the former Republican governor of South Carolin who lived for many years with her husband Michael and their two children in their home in Governor's Grant on Old Chapin Road in Lexington.;

“We will miss you,” the president told Mrs. Haley, who was sitting beside him in yellow arm chairs in front of the Oval Office fireplace.

She called her UN role "a privilege" and "going into the UN each day with body armor" had been an experience.

Mrs. Haley will leave with apparent good relations with the President and the support of many Republican voters although she had criticized him during the 2016 campaign..

She said the last 8 years as SC governor and UN ambassador has been great but a time comes when public officials need to step aside and let others step up.

What is surprising is that she seems to have no other public office in mind. She has been rumored as a candidate for other national office including the Presidency. 

Watch this site and Thursday's Chronicle for more details on her plans.


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