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Grocers voluntarily ration goods

Will gas, other products be next?

Grocers are hard hit to keep their shelves stocked.

Some have began rationing eggs, canned meats and other in-demand products.

At the Bi-Lo grocery on US 378 west, some products are in short supply.

The manager said their inventory was better than it was last week.

"We're learning how to cope with it," he said.

At the Publix grocery across US 378, some shelves were depleted, particularly eggs.

Signs around the store told shoppers which products were being rationed.

Cashiers apologized to customers for the inconvenience.

Due to shortages and danger of infection, some grocers are working with fewer people.

Rationing may extend to other products soon.

In the 1940s during World War II, many workers were in uniform in Europe or the Pacific.

Food and gas rationing lasted throughout 4 years of war.

The President and the Governor have called this a war against an invisible enemy.

Watch for more updates on this site and in Thursday's Chronicle.


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