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  • Ryan Kaji
    Ryan Kaji

Do you have a future on YouTube?

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What can you learn from an 8-year-old entrepreneur? How to sell lemonade?

It’s far simpler than that. What has made Ryan Kaji highly successful is that he reviews toys on the channel “Ryan’s World.”

His earnings in 2019 rose from $22 million to $26 million, according to Forbes’ ranking. Ryan and his parents have created a $150 million retail toy advertising empire on YouTube and it just keeps growing.

Ryan’s videos amassed 23 million subscribers to his Ryan’s World channel and more than $20 million a year in advertising revenue. Now the 2nd-grader is building his knack for opening toy boxes on camera into a franchise with a TV show on children’s cable channel Nickelodeon and deals with Walmart and Target to sell his own line of toys, toothbrushes and underwear.

Ryan’s first retail products came out in 2018 in an exclusive Walmart partnership.

Ryan’s parents, Shion and Loann Kaji, and his licensing and entertainment studio,,

aim to have more of Ryan’s products in more stores.

If a 2nd-grader and his parents can turn a simple idea into $150 million, what could you do on You Tube to promote your ideas, products and services?

Think about it. It may be your future.

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