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How to earn your prospects’ trust

The Chronicle’s Business blog / Jerry bellune

Occasionally you may have to cold call.

It’s no fun, but there are ways to get in the door. Here are 2 suggested by so-called experts at a sales seminar our friend, sales coach Scott Channell, attended:

• Find on Linkedin the college they attended and send them a knick-knack or clothing item with their college logo on it.

• Find on social media a cause they believe in and mention it in your pitch.

That’s lame advice. A time waster, too.

Rather than waste time with gimmicks to appear “sincerely” interested in them, Scott advises us to just lay our cards on the table. We are calling “suspects” to find out if they may be “prospects” for our business.

Clearly state what we do, our credentials, the benefits we deliver and why we are worthy of their time and trust.

Respect your suspects enough to deliver a message they can clearly understand. Then let them tell you if they are prospects for your products or services.

You will communicate with more suspects by not wasting time searching for items to be sincere about. That starts your sales relationship off on a foundation of trust. As President Franklin Roosevelt said, “Be sincere, be brief, be seated.”

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