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You’d better make a profit – or else

The Chronicle’s Business blog / Jerry bellune |

Our old boss Don Carter liked to ask job applicants what they thought was the 1st duty of a business. A few got the right answer – “to make a profit.” We were reminded of that truth the other day when the CEOs of something called the Business Roundtable declared that their 1st duty was to “social responsibility.” That sounds warm and compassionate on paper, like the Green New Deal. In reality, it is entirely irresponsible. There are many values right-thinking business owners and corporate executives should hold dear, among them are:

1. Incredible customer service.

2. Honesty and fairness with customers, employees, partners and investors.

3. Meeting and beating the competition.

4. Keeping a keen eye on the bottom line and growing net revenues.

5. Terminating profit killers and accelerating profit builders. After you have complete command of those 5 objectives, you can start thinking about other means to serve the market and community where you live and operate. Without profits, you will be useless to everyone and quickly out of business. We share such ideas in “Maverick Entrepreneurs’ Million Dollar Strategies.” For a $20 personally autographed copy, contact us at 803-359-7633 or email .

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