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  • Patrick Mahomes

Your advantage is always in jeopardy

The Chronicle’s Business Blog / Jerry Bellune

You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate 3 lessons from the Super Bowl.

You may recall the year the Atlanta Falcons ran all over the New England Patriots but let the Patriots come back and win.

That happened again this year. The San Francisco 49ers had a 2-score lead and let Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City score 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter to win.

Here are 3 business lessons from these and other Super Bowl games:

1. Never relax. You may have a big sales volume, a fat bank account and strong profit margins. But bet a competitor is plotting to take your clients and do you in.

2. Work hard for your clients and remind them you are their go-to guy. With Kansas City down 10 points, they worked even harder. You must never assume clients are so loyal no one else can lure them away. Look at how Walmart took other retailers’ customers and how Amazon has continued to do it to Walmart and others.

3. Be willing to adapt. Kansas City changed its game plan. When the market, technology or your competition changes the rules of the game, your game plan just went out the window. You must adapt.

These 3 lessons can help you survive.

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