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Urgent Updates you need now
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Have you installed the latest software updates for your computer and mobile devices? Here are a few urgent security updates you should install ASAP.
• Android phones and tablets should update now to fix 43 vulnerabilities. 2 are critical. They could allow denial of service attacks and more.
• To update: Open Settings, Tap System, Advanced, System update. Review available updates and if an update is available tap the prompts to install them.
Chrome, Edge and Firefox web browsers have 17 bugs and security fixes. Some of the security flaws can allow attackers to take over your computer. If you have these browsers installed, check them for updates, even if you don’t use them often.
• To update: Open the browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox). Click the “more” menu at the upper right. It’s marked with 3 dots or 3 lines.
• Put your cursor over the ‘Help’ option and then click the  “About” option. It will say “About” and the name of the browser (e.g., “About Chrome”). 
• This version will load and the system will check for any missing updates. If you need to update the browser there will be a button to install it.
Microsoft has released a patch for 10 critical bugs. 1 bug was a serious flaw in Windows Defender. Windows Defender is Microsoft’s anti-malware software.
• To update Windows 10, click the search box in the lower left by the Windows Menu and type “Windows Update”. Click the Windows Update Settings option. 
• Click the “Check for Updates” button and follow the prompts to install any pending updates.
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