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Android 'Alien' malware is here
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Do you use Android devices? Be on the lookout for a new strain of malware called “Alien.” Security researchers at ThreatFabric discovered it. 
The virus is a new generation of the banking Trojan virus Cerberus. Trojan viruses pretend to be legitimate to trick you into downloading them. 
ThreatFabric couldn’t pinpoint how scammers are spreading the code because it’s not just one group using Alien.
Once the fraudulent code is installed, it do nasty things like overlay content, steal 2-factor authorization codes and log your keyboard input. This can steal your accounts and personal information.
It can also provide scammers remote access to your device after you install a TeamViewer.
It can lock your screen and demand a ransom, send or forward your text messages, and calls, steal contacts, collect details on your device, apps and physical location and install or start apps.
In ThreatFabric’s report they list 226 apps Alien can impersonate. Many are popular apps you may use: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Chase Mobile. Alien impersonates Google Play, Paypal, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, eBay, and Netflix. For the appa list it can impersonate visit: 
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