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Protect yourself from Alien threat
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Did you read about the dangerous Alien malware last week? Here are a few easy tips to protect yourself, your identity, and your devices from this new menace.
Don’t fall for phishing scams and fake covid-19 apps. Beware any sites or apps promising covid data not from a reputable agency. Phishing sites pretend to be software updates but download malicious code. 
Phishing scams can look like texts or private social media messages from friends or family. If it looks suspicious or doesn’t have the official web address, it’s not legitimate.
If you download an app or program, be careful of the source and what permissions it asks. Even if the app you’re downloading comes from your device’s app store, pay attention. Suspicious applications will often ask permission for administrator access or to the “accessibility” service. Don’t blindly click “accept” or “next,” Some downloads will sneak in add-ons or permissions you don’t want.
Install anti-virus on your Android cell phone and tablet, Windows computer, even your Apple computer. Be sure your antivirus, including Avast and Bitdefender, is up to date and regularly scans to protect you. 
For free protection, visit for Avast or for Bitdefender.
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