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Don’t forget your medicine

The weeks after the New Year are usually dedicated to creating new habits. Many folks want to get to the gym or eat better. The habit I’m building in 2020 is taking my vitamins and medicine on time. If you’d like help remembering your medicine, too take a look at these solutions.
1. Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe. This app will let you manage multiple medications and set reminders for when you need a refill. If you’re not tech-savvy, a friend or family member can help you. They can manage your medications remotely thanks to the handy “Dependents” feature. Learn more at .
2. Mango Health. If you want to track more than medications, Mango Health is a great option. It will let you remind yourself about testing your blood pressure or glucose levels and more. This app will also let a friend or family member help you manage your medication and habits. Learn more at .
If you don’t have a smartphone or don’t keep your smartphone nearby, there are some handy analog options, too.
3. Set a normal alarm clock and log the medications that you take in a journal. This method is easiest if you have one batch of medications each day.
4. TabTime Timer. If you have to track several medications, this device lets you set up to 8 alarms per day. You can hang it on the wall, sit it near you on its stand, or even take it with you in your purse or backpack. It’s available from Amazon at .
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