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You’ve got a friend in me

There I was sitting at that wooden classroom desk right after lunch.
I was adjusting my books to get ready for our lesson. As I turned to place my book bag on the back of my chair, I noticed a boy sitting behind me dressed in all black. 
There he sat quietly, head covered by his jacket. He didn’t speak to anyone, just kept to himself. 
I never knew that day what I would soon be faced with. Being so young, you never think about what “troubles” could potentially affect you.
Eventually, I felt a tap on my back. It was the young man sitting behind me, Brian.
“I’m going to kill myself tonight, and I want you to know. It’s not like anyone would notice or care anyways,” he said to me. 
I thought to myself, “this can’t be real.”
I then replied, “I know I do not know who you are, but I do know that regardless of what you think you are meant to be here and are here for a purpose. Please do not do this. If you feel like you’re going to do this tonight, please call me.”  I gave him my phone number. 
He proceeded to show me the marks on his wrists that he covered up with many wristbands. 
That night I spoke to my parents and asked for advice. I also prayed.
I was so worried that when I showed up to class the next day he would not be there. My heart pounded not knowing. I never got a phone call that night.
When I got to class the next day, there he was.
At that moment a thought hit me: I may have saved a life. 
After that, Brian and I formed a bond like no other. We became close and still are to this day. 
You’ve heard it before - depression is real. It was for me that day.
Symptoms of depression include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behavior, or self-esteem. 
Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide. 
If you or someone you know are experiencing depression, there is help. You are worth it, and so is your life. If you are struggling, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit .
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