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  • Hand holding roll of toilet paper wrapped in orange paper

The human side of the corona virus crisis

One of our readers reported that at the Lowe’s grocery on US 378 in Lexington, a shopper wanted to buy 2 dozen eggs.  

The cashier politely explained that a dozen per shopper per visit was store policy.

The woman argued with the cashier who tried to be polite but refused to ring up the 2nd dozen eggs for her.

The woman was holding up a long line and finally left with only a dozen.

We know some consumers are used to getting their way but what part of “no” didn’t this shopper understand?

At Bolands in Chapin, our correspondent Val Augustine went in to deliver copies of The Lake Murray Fish Wrappers.

The clerk at the counter quipped,“Oh boy here comes some more toilet paper.”  

In Batesburg, a lady would not let Val’s husband Wayne enter a medical building until he put on a mask and she took his temperature. He checked out OK.
She told him to keep the mask as he would have to wear it next week and she would take his temperature. Wayne was allowed to keep his clothes on.

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