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4 new ambulances roll out in Lexington County

Starting Monday, Lexington County residents will see a new color scheme for Lexington County EMS ambulances. 
The new graphics package adds a proven eye-catching characteristic to the vehicle, making the unit more visible to drivers. The colors are able to catch light and stand out, even when the emergency lights aren't illuminated. 
Additionally, these units provide enhanced safety and quality of life features for both healthcare providers and patients. The layout of the patient compartment allows for the primary healthcare attendant to remain seated and restrained, while still providing care to a secured patient. Other attributes, such as handle bars and g-force rate mounts, also lend to the overall ergonomics and safety of the patient compartment. 
Currently, there are 4 of the new ambulances in the County's fleet. However, as County Council continues to budget for the future, they will be adding more in the years to come.


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