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  • Many say they are cautious about going back to work now
    Many say they are cautious about going back to work now

5 ways we think about the Great Reopening

Many are cautious about eating out, seeing a movie

What do you think about going back to work? 
Escaping confinement? Shopping? Traveling?
According to an unscientific poll:
1. We miss shopping with local businesses and many say businesses could make customers feel safer if their employees wore masks.
2. We're ready to travel. 43% felt they could take a local or regional vacation right now. But 67% plan to wait at least a year to travel internationally.
3. 35% would go back to work in an office now. Another 44% could do it in 1 to 6 months.
4. Only 23% would go out to eat or see a movie right now, with another 43% in the next 6 months.
5. 25% want to wait until next year for an outdoor show, and 48% want to wait at least a year before an ind
oor event.

The poll does not reveal the ages, incomes or other demographics of those responding..


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