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  • Our teachers play a large role in their students' success
    Our teachers play a large role in their students' success

Covid-19 challenges county schools

Classroom teaching superior to online learning
Think covid-19 has disrupted your family, life and work?
What if you had to meet the needs of thousands of school children?
The pandemic has disrupted K-12 education, says Howard Bissell, Lexington 1 Instructional Technology Director who also serves as Online Learnng Academy director.
"Access to technology has not been a barrier for us, as our district committed to issuing a device to each student and providing Wi-Fi hotspots to families who need them. "
Despite this, some families struggle with virtual learning.
  • Many parents work during the day and aren't available to help.
  • They are not comfortable with helping their students academically.
  • The learning environment at home is distracting.
Many students prefer direct contact with their teachers and peers.
Many students lack basic support for learning when they are outside of school.
Younger students lack skills like self-direction, self-regulation, and time managemen.
In class, they can be taught and practice to learn.
This does not happen overnight.
These are foundational skills for success with online learning.
"Our educators also play a large role in student success," he said.
"The shift to teaching exclusively online was complicated.
"Many strategies excellent educators use to engage, motivate, and support students in the face-to-face classroom do not necessarily transfer online.
"Our teachers have grown in their confidence and ability to effectively teach online this year.
"Still, online learning has been a monumental shift and a change that takes time."


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