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  • 66.7% tested negative as virus free
    66.7% tested negative as virus free


Greenville County reports 555 new cases

Lexington County had 3 confirmed deaths reported Monday.

That was the highest number of deaths by a county in the state.

1 was middle aged, 2 others elderly patients.

Since last Tuesday, Dec. 29, 10 Lexington County deaths have been reported.

Health officials reported 15 confirmed SC deaths and 1 probable death Monday.

Richland County had no covid deaths reported Monday.

The state had 3,492 new cases, down from 4.044 Sunday.

Lexington County had 225 new cases, up from 179 Sunday.

Richland County had 292 new cases, up from 281 Sunday.

Greenville County had the most again - 555 new cases - down from 805 Sunday.

Spartanburg County had 390 new cases, up from 321 Sunday.

Testing opportunities (

  • Testing opportunities available statewide: 280

Percent positive (

  • 10,451  new individual test results reported statewide (not including antibody tests)
  • 33.3%  tested positive as virus infected
  •  That means 66.7% tested negative as virus free.


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