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    $50 do-it-yourself swab test must be done correctly

Covid home swab tests to be available soon

Pharmacists concerned tests won't be done correctly

By Jerry Bellune

A covid-19 home test is not yet available here but is expected soon.
The Federal Drug Administration has approved the self-administered home Lucira All-In-1 Test Kit.
That can mean less waiting in line for other covid tests and only 30 minutes waiting for the results.
We talked with local pharmacists who are concerned about people giving the tests to themselves and their families correctly.
For example, Medicine Mart in Lexington watched customers giving nasal swab tests to themselves in their cars and the majority did not do it properly.
 The $50 at-home test will be available for anyone aged 14 and older but must be prescribed by your doctor.
If your child under 14 is suspected of being infected, the test must be done by a health care provider.
If you want the at-home test, you must be suspected of having covid by your health care provider who will write a prescription.
The test requires a self-collected nasal swab sample which is swirled in a vial and placed in a test unit. 
In under 30 minutes, the results will be shown.
If you test positive, you should self-isolate and seek care and advice from your health care provider. 
If you test negative but are feeling covid-like symptoms, you should follow up with your doctor for advice.
The Lucira test has been authorized for use for all ages at doctor’s offices, hospitals, urgent care centers and emergency rooms.
A nurse or other healthcare provider is required to carry out the test on people younger than 14.
If you have covid-like symptoms and would like to administer a test at home, call your health provider.



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