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  • Mark Sanford

Former SC Gov. Mark Sanford running for president

Former Gov. Mark Sanford has tossed his hat into the ring for President.

According to his website:

The purpose of this campaign is to spark a needed conversation as Republicans on what it means to be a Republican, and a larger national debate on why spending and debt, our American institutions – and civility and humility should still matter in politics.
We focus on spending, debt and deficits because our present course leads to financial disaster, jobs lost and grave injury to the American dream. Our debt is a clear and present danger to our republic.
What's happened to our country?
We have gone a long way from the words adopted by Congress in 1782 of E Pluribus Unum – “Out of many, one.” The founders saw our differences as a strength and believed we could join together as Americans in appreciating the Founding Fathers’ divine guidance and our birthright of freedom.
But that's not where we are today.
Political polarization is at levels we have never seen. Republicans don’t trust Democrats and Democrats don’t trust Republicans. Both parties promise more to their “people.” In dividing what has become the spoils of politics, its urban versus rural and too often one group versus another. And while the Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to a cause, today it seems too many politicians have but one cause – and that’s re-election. In doing so, far too many end their time in office with much more than they started.
All this makes us cynical. We are appropriately tired of promises unkept and the way in which the system seems to be imploding and not working for us and those we love.
So, what’s it mean and where do we go from here?
I believe the answer lies in going back to basics – that's what conservative is to me.
I believe to make America great we have to get back to conservative principles in politics and move past the politics of immediate gratification. This “new way” isn't working.
My focus on debt and spending is tied to my belief that you can’t get something for nothing – no matter what politicians will tell you. My focus on institutions and a return to political norms is tied to a belief that they are the glue that holds checks and balances in place. My belief in trade is based on markets being better than government – but grounded in common sense. I win, you lose, zero sum and me first are hardly the building blocks of trading partners or keeping allies. My belief in re-establishing some measure of civility and humility in politics is again based on common sense, in open political systems you can’t get things done without it.
So ours is a campaign grounded in simple ideas now lost in Washington. To bring them back,  

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