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    Did you know we explode $319 million a year in fireworks?

Get ready for the fireworks next weekend

Have any idea how many fireworks we shoot off every year?

In South Carolina, we import and explode 18,999,940 – almost 19 million – fireworks a year.
That's a lot of noise for a lot of money for a small state. 
It's 3.65 fireworks for each man woman and child in the state. 
In the US, we blow up $319 millon worth of mostly paper and gunpowder each year.
Most of it goes up and off on July 4.
And, being politically incorrect, we'll tell you 90% of it comes from ... drum roll ... China.
That led to roughly 9,100 US firecracker injuries in 2018.
Although 18.9 million fireworks sounds like a lot, we trail
1. Missouri with 42.4 million .
2. Ohio with 26.5 million,
3. Alabama with 19.3 million.
But we dwarf every other state.
We don't make this stuff up.
The research was done by Zippia, an online employment research firm.
Zippia found the dollar amount of firework imports in the US Trade Census.
By the way, the Town of Lexington plans a 9 pm fireworks show Friday, July 3, behind Town Hall.
You can see it from almost anywhere downtown.
Lake Murray Country also has 2 fireworks shows Saturday, July 4, at 9:15 pm.
One is froim Spence Island near the Lake Murray Dam.
The other will be at Billy Dreher State Park near Chapin.


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