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Covid-19 has brief life span on paper, health experts say

Experts say fear of catching covid-19 from your newspaper is unfounded.

Scientists and health experts have confirmed that newspapers are not transmitters of covid-19 due to the ink and their printing process.

Newspapers such as the Lexington County Chronicle and Fish Wrapper are published semi-automatically. 

Neither the ink nor paper are touched by human hands at the printers.

The post office and our delivery people make as little personal contact with the newspapers as possible.

Due to the poor survivability of the virus on surfaces, there's low if any risk of spread from such products or packaging, the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control said.

Studies show that the virus can survive under ideal conditions for up to 3 days on hard surfaces like metal or plastics but only up to 24 hours on cardboard. 

In real-life conditions the virus is likely to corrode more quickly.  

The risk from mail, packages or newspapers is “extremely low and, at this point, only theoretical,” DHEC said.

"If you’re concerned, you should simply wash your hands after handling.

"If you are being particularly cautious, let them (newspapers) sit 24 hours after delivery."

This is not considered the way the virus is spread.

The US Centers for Disease Control said you can get covid-19 by touching an object that has the virus on it.

But then you must touch your mouth, nose or possibly eyes. 


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