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  • Alan Wilson: "Free and fair elections are the keystone of democracy."
    Alan Wilson: "Free and fair elections are the keystone of democracy."

SC joins legal challenge to contested votes

If appeal prevails, Trump wins, Biden loses

 Legal challenges to disputed vote counts in Georgia and 3 other states are growing.

SC Attorney General Alan Wilson has joined Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other Republican attorneys general to contest the Presidential election results.

If Trump’s allies prevail, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden’s 306 electoral college votes would shrink to 244, far less than the 270 he needs to take the White House.

Biden could lose 10 electoral college votes in Wisconsin, 16 in Michigan, 20 in Pennsylvania and 16 in Georgia.

Trump would gain 62 electoral college votes in those 4 states and wind up with more than the 270 votes needed to win.

Wilson said, “Regardless of your ideological beliefs, we must all agree that free and fair elections are the keystone of democracy.

“Our Constitution’s election clauses must be followed and the Constitution must be a guiding light for fair elections to continue to take place.

"Our values and the rule of law are worth defending.”

Pennsylvania’s House speaker and majority leader Thursday filed an amici curiae brief with the Supreme Court against the state of Pennsylvania and in favor of the Texas lawsuit.

A brief filed by Pennsylvania House Speaker Bryan Cutler and Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, both Republicans, requests the US Supreme Court “carefully consider the procedural issues and questions raised by the plaintiff concerning the administration of the 2020 general election in Pennsylvania.”

“The unimpeachability of our elections requires clear procedures of administration so that everyone gets a fair shake. Unfortunately, outside actors have so markedly twisted and gerrymandered the Commonwealth’s Election Code to the point that [we] amici find it unrecognizable from the laws that they enacted,”

The Supreme Court had rejected without explanation an earlier motion by Pennsylvania Republicans to challenge the outcome.

In appealing a lower court ruling against them, the Pennsylvanians said an unbeliveable 90% of registered voters had been counted in Philadelphia precincts.

The national average turnout was less than 65%.

The Republican attorneys general want the Supreme Court to hear their complaint about Biden’s votes in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Their legal challenge raises questions about voting by mail in those 4 states.

Judges and other state officials - not state lawmakers in their constitutional role - oversaw thousands of unrequested mailed ballots and reported evidence that voters cast more than a single ballot each.

In those 4 states, the Republican challenge charges that protections "recommended for decades to guard against fraud and abuse in voting by mail” had been removed by Democrat officials, not state lawmakers as required in the Constitution.

The President’s own lawsuit states a mathematical analysis of vote totals in the4 battleground states shows that he should have won and “a large percentage of the American people know that something is deeply amiss.”



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