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Should cops chase minor traffic violators?

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Batesburg-Leesville Councilman Steve Cain wants cops to stop chasing minor violators.

The often controversial councilman has:

  • Proposed a “no chase” police policy.
  • Asked Town Manager Ted Luckadoo to suspend all police pursuits immediately.

WIS-TV reported his proposal follows a police pursuit ended in an accident killing a 26-year-old driver last week.

“We believe that all life is important so I propose that Batesburg-Leesville adopts a no chase policy,” the councilman said.

The proposal says an officer may engage in a pursuit only if violent felonies or an outstanding warrant for a violent felony is involved.

Therse include Murder/Manslaughter, Armed Robbery, Rape or Other Sexual Offense, Felonious Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, Felonious Hit and Run (Serious Bodily Harm and/or Death), Burglary 1st Degree or Arson.

B-L Councilman Steve Cain wants cops to cool it.


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