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West Columbia man sentenced to 35 years in Riverbend Apartment murder

A West Columbia man was sent to prison late Monday night after being found guilty of shooting another man to death.
Jamal Devontae Coburn, 28, was sentenced to 35 years in prison following his conviction in Lexington County for the murder of Corey Anthony Jamison. The Honorable William P. Keesley presided over this week-long jury trial and imposed the sentence following the jury’s verdict late Monday night.
Coburn is not eligible for parole under South Carolina law. 
Following the trial, 11th Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard said, “This was an extremely difficult and hard-fought case that took team work. I am grateful for the hard work on the part of the prosecution team and law enforcement in bringing closure to the victim’s family. There were a lot of late nights and a late-night verdict as well, and because of the dedication of our prosecutors and staff, justice was done here in Lexington County.”
Coburn murdered Jamison, 29, on Aug. 24, 2018, while in the parking lot of the Riverbend Apartment complex at the 100 block of Riverbend Drive in the West Columbia area of Lexington County. Jamison was ambushed by Coburn and an unidentified male about an altercation between Jamison and one of Coburn’s family members that occurred earlier that evening. Coburn shot Jamison and then pistol-whipped Jamison in the head while witnesses were present. Jamison was transported to the Lexington Medical Center where he later died. Several witnesses at the scene immediately identified Coburn as the shooter and law enforcement began a search for him. The U.S. Marshalls apprehended Coburn in Glendale, Arizona on Sept. 19, 2018.
During the trial, a witness to the shooting testified that Coburn, while brandishing his firearm, approached Jamison as he was exiting a vehicle in the parking lot and immediately shot Jamison. The witness further testified that Coburn then struck Jamison with the firearm and then attempted to shoot Jamison again before fleeing the scene. Coburn took the stand in his own defense and admitted to the shooting but claimed self-defense. He also admitted to getting rid of the murder weapon by throwing it in a pond.
The testimony of Dr. Janice Ross, a forensic pathologist, revealed that Jamison was struck three distinct times on the head by a blunt force object. Dr. Ross was able to further testify that those injuries were sustained after the shooting. After considering all the evidence presented, including Coburn’s defense, the jury ultimately convicted Coburn of the murder.  
This homicide was investigated by Investigator Brian Burrell with assistance by other investigators of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Major Crimes Unit as well as the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. 
Senior Assistant Solicitor Rhonda W. Patterson and Assistant Solicitor Melanie Darko prosecuted the case for the 11th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. Senior Assistant Solicitor Patterson remarked that “this vicious killing robbed the Jamison family of their son, brother and father. We appreciate the efforts of Sheriff Jay Koon and the entire Sheriff’s Department during this investigation. The family is truly grateful for justice and closure.”


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