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  • Protesters at the US Capitol Jan. 6. (Photo courtesy Brandon Drey)
    Protesters at the US Capitol Jan. 6. (Photo courtesy Brandon Drey)

What new problems do Big Tech censors face?

American Civil Liberties Union opposes their censorship

Are you a Facebook or Twitter fan?

Do you use Google Search or read Google News?

Then you will be interested in this.

Censorship by Facebook, Twitter, and other Silicon Valley tech giants have raised concerns over 1st Amendment rights.

Big tech censors so far have faced no checks and balances on their decisions.

Now they may lose their liability protection under Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act for censoring or other political conduct.

The tech giants claimed they could not be responsible for what people posted on their sites.

But now that they are controlling what goes on their sites, critics say they are acting like publishers.

Publishers like us at the Chronicle have liability for what we publish.

The American Civil Liberties Union says it is concerned that Twitter suspended President Trump from social media.

This could set a precedent for big tech companies to silence others, the ACLU said.

“It should concern everyone when companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked power to remove people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions,” the ACLU said.

Research has found that many voters say they would not have voted for former Vice President Joe Biden had they known about his son Hunter's billion dollar deals in China, Russia and Ukraine.

Their critics say the big tech companies and mainstream media buried that news.

Apple, Google, and Amazon have attracted scrutiny for banning social media network Parler.

Parler has a large following of liberal and conservative-leaning users.

It is suing Amazon to reverse the ban.

Facebook said it is removing all references to “stop the steal” before Biden’s Inaugural Jan. 20, Janita Kan reported on The Epoch Times website.

Trump backers held rallies across the country called “Stop the Steal” after the Nov. 3 election.

Facebook officials Guy Rosen and Monika Bickert said they will remove content that “could incite violence.”

They were referring to what Capitol Police called a small group of rioters among protesters at the Capitol building.

5 people died – 3 for medical reasons – and dozens of police officers were injured.

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