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    Who do you want to see win the White House?

Will Congress decide the Presidential election?

Business ​​​​​​​school dean thinks it's possible

By Jerry Bellune

A local business school dean sees a House vote deciding the Presidential election.

That would be a positive development for Republican Donald Trump's supporters.

Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden has to have less than 270 electoral votes for it to happen, said Scott Adams of Lexington.

Adams is dean of the Columbia International University Business School and former general counsel to Prysmian in Lexington.

"The President will need some wins in the courts soon or some Republican legislatures in the conteste states to reject the results and select Trump electors," he said.  

"It's an uphill climb but it's not impossible. Trump has a terrific, impressive legal team."    

The outcome of the election is still unclear with lawsuits, court decisions and voting recounts.

The US House could decide the presidential election under the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution.

It hasn’t happened since the 19th century.

A 269-269 Electoral College tie or other dispute could result in a contingent election.

Under the 12th Amendment, it would be decided by the House of Representatives and the vice presidential race decided by the Senate.

While each senator gets a vote for the vice president, the House vote is determined by state delegation rather than individual lawmakers.

Each state - from Alaska’s lone delegate to Texas’ 36 delegates - get only 1 vote.

Democrats have a majority in the House but Republicans hold the majority of state delegations.

26 states have a GOP majority, 22 states have a Democratic majority.

There’s a tie in Pennsylvania and the Michigan delegation has 7 Democrats, 6 Republicans and Independent Rep. Justin Amash.

The House vote would not be decided by the House as it is now but by the lawmakers just elected.

Lawmakers will be sworn in Jan. 3 and Congress will convene to count electoral votes Jan. 6.

If the House cannot reach an agreement, the 12th Amendment would allow Vice President Mike Pence to serve as president until the issue is resolved.

What is your opinion about how this may unfold?

Who do you want to see win the White House and why?

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