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  • mcmaster speaks at press conference

SC governor orders non-essential state employees to stay home

McMaster spoke Thursday afternoon with his most recent executive order.

He ordered:

  • All non-essential state employees must stay home from work beginning Mar. 20.¬†State agency heads will determine which employees are non-essential.
  • Presidents of public universities, colleges and technical colleges shall determine which employees are essential to maintain the students' ability to continue taking classes online this semester.
  • County and municipal governments must allow unlimited access to buildings or facilities for which state agencies are housed. Many state agencies are providing critical services to the public out of county buildings.
  • Approval period for unemployment benefits has been expedited. Claims will process at least a week sooner.
  • Employer unemployment insurance benefit payments are suspended until June 1.
  • Procurement regulations are temporarily¬†suspended to allow state agencies to rapidly acquire resources needed to combat covid-19, including people and supplies.
  • DHEC shall temporarily suspend enforcement of certificate of need regulations as necessary to expedite healthcare treatment for covid-19 including patient rooms, dormitories, etc.
  • SLED and local law enforcement agencies are directed to vigorously enforce the laws as necessary to prevent looting, robbery, theft and acts of violence during this time of emergencies.
  • School resource officers are available to reinforce law enforcement while schools are closed.

McMaster asked that all overnight medical facilities immediately restrict visitation to patients with the exception to end-of-life visitations.

He asked South Carolinians to treat each other with respect and courteousness and to stay home. He also requested shoppers not hoard items from stores.


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