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    Mama and the cubs head for a hunker-down alert


Better News in Bad Times

Good Monday morning, my friends
Could you use a bit of humor to start your week?
This is from local energy expert Jim Clarkson.
As you will see, Jim has a droll sense of humor.

“Hey, Charlie, we have a polar bear hunker-down alert
for this sector tomorrow between noon and 2 pm.”

“What’s going on, Moe?  Do we have to hide?”

“I have a note from World Hysterics and Alarmists on
Climate Organization. They need to report the polar
bear population is down.”

“But, Moe, actually the polar bear population is up.
Doesn’t WHACO know that?”

“Sure, they know that but their press release says the
polar bear count is low and they think we’ll be extinct
in a few more years unless drastic action is taken.”

“What drastic action do they see as a remedy?”

“They demand we quit using plastic drinking straws.”

Climate hysterics may not think this is funny.
You can bet the rest of us do.

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