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  • A crisis sped up telehealth's development
    A crisis sped up telehealth's development


How the challenge of a crisis helped us

Good May 11 Monday morning.
Here’s a bold prediction for you this morning.
We will look back on these days as a blessing.

We have met a challenge and made the miost of it.
Our innovations would have taken years, not days.
Consider telehealth and remote learning.
Committees of experts would have been needed.
Long deliberations would have occurred.
Billions of dollars would have been invested.
Our national debt would have ballooned. 

But in days, not years, teachers taught online.
They are learning to be effective outside classrooms.
Health care professionals make telehealth work.
They help new mothers care for their children.
They help seasoned citizens like some of us.

Even in news reporting our world has changed.
Our site visits more than doubled to 3,500 a day.
We post lots of breaking news online each day.

What is going on in your line of work? 
How has this virus affected your creativity?
What innovations have you come up with?
Please write and let me know what you think.
Email me at

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