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  • Please don't be fooled by fake news
    Please don't be fooled by fake news


Editor Jerry Bellune shares his mail

Good Monday morning.
I always love hearing from you, our readers.
Reader Deborah Shealy Nye wrote from Gilbert.
She, too, is disappointed in Congressional liberals.
They are wasting money we don’t have.
Our grandchildren will pay for this in higher taxes.
Their disguised motive is to try to buy your vote.
The irony of it is that they do it with your money.

In another email letter, I received a correction.
Westinghouse has settled its bankruptcy woes.
Reader Joe Fezio has been following the case. 
He let us know about the ex-SCE&G contractor.
The ones who wrecked a $9 billion nuclear project.
Recall the rabbit in the Westinghouse refrigerator joke?
He said he was just “westing.”

I would love to hear from you, too.
What’s on your mind about this or anything else.
Please write and let me know what you think.
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