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  • Epidemiologists might have been shocked. No one wore masks.
    Epidemiologists might have been shocked. No one wore masks.


Reporting from the combat zone

Good Friday morning, my friends.
Allow me to share a personal story with you.

We went out to dinner last night.
It was the 1st time in 10 or 12 weeks.
It was my wife’s birthday and we were eager to go.
The restaurant tables were spaced inside and out.
We ate outside as the evening was warm. 

After dinner we rode down Lexington’s Main Street.
At least a dozen other restaurants were open.
None appeared crowded but no one wore masks.
Epidemiologists might have been shocked.
After many warnings, why were we so cavalier?

It is the American way. We love our freedom.
We take risks in life, business, wars, everything.
We’re not foolish but we like to do our own thing.
That turned a British colony into a great nation.

I am not encouraging misbehavior or foolish risks,
But we have more sense than we get credit for.
Let me remind you that we live in a combat zone.
Danger is everywhere and the enemy is invisible.
Watch out for yourself and your loved ones.
Observe the guidelines but don’t cower in fear.
Enjoy the reopening and escape from confinement. 

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