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    It may be politically incorrect but you can bet Rhett and Scarlett never said y'all

Better News in Bad Times

Y’all know what I’m talking about?

Good Friday morning, my friends.
Your faithful editor talking with you today.

Could you use a little humor this morning?
Me, too. A little linguistics lesson as well.

Do you recall Rhett or Scarlett saying “y’all?”
I don’t remember. Maybe they did.
Our mother tongue has no 2nd person plural.
I grew up in South Carolina saying “y’all.”
That was Southern 2nd person plural.
Then we moved to New York and learned a new word.
“Youse” is 2nd person plural in the Northeast.

Yankees may snicker at our “y’alls” down here.
That’s OK. We snicker at their “youses.”
That's one of the beauties of our language.
It, like us, is flexible, living and ever changing.

For more about Southern dialect, check out 
• Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English.
• The Companion to Southern Literature.
Or just be content saying”ya'll.”

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