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    Attorney Bob Guild: 'It’s going to be a major bloodbath to get through this.’

The case against a Dominion rate hike

The power giant already charges us the highest rates in the country

Do you think Dominion Energy deserves a rate hike 18 months after it bought SC Electric & Gas?
Do you think the often brainless Public Service Commission should give them a rate hike when they already charge us among the highest electric rates in the country?
Of course not.

Many readers of this little newspaper have been abused enough by the charlatans who ran SCE&G and its Lexington County-based SCANA owners.
But that’s what Dominion is preparing to do this month.

We found in information from the US Attorney’s office that Dominion agreed to repay ratepayers $4 billion.

What it did not say is that the money was in the 15% rate cut we've already received.

No more money is coming your way, Mr. and Mrs. Ratepayer.

Our state lawmakers thought they were doing the right thing when they told the PSC to require Dominion to cut rates 15%. 
That may have reduced many home owners bills as much as $30 a month or $360 a year.
Figuring the $2 billion SCE&G over-charged 725,000 ratepayers for a failed nuclear plant, the average home owner probably lost about $2,800. \

At $360 a year per home owner, we need to keep that 15% rate cut for at least 6 more years.

Sierra Club attorney Bob Guild fought the SCE&G rate hikes. He said he expects Dominion to be a stronger adversary before the PSC than SCE&G. He said a rate hike during the covid-19 business closings will be hard for many out-of-work people to afford.
“‘The company knows this is going to be an extraordinarily unpopular hit on electric consumers, particularly under the economic depression and conditions of a pandemic,’ Guild said.
‘They are sensitive and aware it’s going to be a major bloodbath to get through this.’

Let’s make sure it is. If you are a ratepayer, you can’t tell the PSC to do anything ... but your state lawmakers can.
Ask your representatives to tell the PSC no hikes now.
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