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    What passes for journalism now would not have been tolerated years ago

Conservatives hit back at bias

What the mob and the media want to happen

As former daily newspaper journalists, we have had our share of criticism.
But what passes for journalism now at once respected newspapers in Washington, New York and elsewhere would have cost you your job years ago.
We were pleased to see many Republican National Convention speakers have the guts to go after the biased media. 
Their comments show party leaders and other conservatives are starting to speak up.
The President’s family, government officials and others attacked the media last week.
MelaniaTrump, talking about addiction, said, “So often headlines are filled with gossip. I want to take this moment to encourage the media to focus more on the nation’s drug crisis ... You in the media have the platforms to make that happen.”
Nick Sandman, the teenager who settled a lawsuit with the Washington Post in July and with CNN in January, opened his Tuesday speech by saying, “I’m the teenager who was defamed by the media.”
Rep. Matt Gaetz noted, “That’s the side of Donald Trump that the media will never show you.”
School choice advocate Rebecca Friedrichs said the Obama administration “argued against us (teachers) at the US Supreme Court” and “labeled us spawns of Satan and slandered us in mainstream media.”
Nurse Amy Ford said “I don’t want the media taking my personal story and twisting it.”
Andrew Pollack whose daughter died in a school shooting said, “The media turned my daughter’s murder into a coordinated attack on president Trump, Republicans and our second amendment.”
Mark McCloskey, who defended his wife and home with a gun from Black Lives Matters protestors at their home in St. Louis, said “the mob spurred on by their allies and the media will try to destroy you.”
Former Congressional nominee Catalina Laufa said, “We come from Hispanic descent and we’re women. That’s not what the media wants.” 
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