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    Many health care workers have braved the risk of being infected, too

Covid-19 heroes and zeros

Our thanks to the front line health care workers and 1st responders who risk their own health for us

Lets start with our heroes.

They are the people who help us survive and thrive despite the Chinese virus.
Some of us are starting to become suspicious 

Is there more to the lockdowns and “non-essential” shuttering than science. 
Could this have been a conspiracy to wreck the economy in an election year?
Conspiracy or not, the effect on the economy was the same.

HEROES: To all the health care workers and 1st responders – police, fire fighters and EMTs. They are tirelessly helping all of us without complaint. Count your blessing for all these folks, and thank them when and where ever you see them..

ZEROS: To all the uninformed and misled youngsters who are fomenting violence in our streets. We are fortunate they are in far off places like Seattle and Portland, not here. 
Lets include the brainiacs at Facebook in this, too. They have banned the far right radicals from their platform but not the far left crazies like Antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter.

HEROES: To all the small business and restaurant owners who have opened up at considerable expense, bringing their employees back to work and  observing all the health guidelines. Also to their patrons who know they are struggling and are coming back to eat in their restaurants and invest in their products and services.

ZEROS: To the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and epidemiologists who misled us with frightening projections of covid-19 deaths that never happened. And to the governors, including our own Henry McMaster, who misled us and now won’t let fans return to the Blowfish Ballpark but say its OK for youth leagues and their fans to flock to their games.

Do you agree with us that we are blessed to have our heroes but cursed by some elected officials who have failed us?
Remember their actions or lack of action at election time.

We welcome your thinking in these challenging times. Please write


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