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    Coach Vince Lombardi turned Green Bay losers into winners


Better News in Bad Times

Good Monday morning, my friend.

A friend told me recently that she hates problems.
Was that big news? Who loves problems?
We had better learn to love them.
That’s where new opportunities hide.
It’s how we see problems that makes a difference.

We know there is an opportunity in every problem.
And there may be more than just one.
We just have to find them and make the most of them.

This has been a tough year. It has hit some of us harder.
But this may be exactly what we needed.
It has shaken us out of our comfort zones.
It has forced us to deal with unexpected problems.
It made us think more creatively.
It made us change, made us grow, made us better.

This made me think of the late Vince Lombardi.
He took over a losing NFL team in Green Bay, WI.
That’s a tough place to play any outdoor winter sport.
He made his players “shake off little hurts.”
He commanded them to “play through the pain.”
He made them into a tough, championship team.

Shake off your little hurts – and complacency.
Quit complaining and start taking action.
Opportunities are out there just waiting for you.

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