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    God gave Moses only 10 simple rules


Better News in Bad Times

Good Monday morning, my friend.
Does your company have a mission statement?
I’ll bet its wordy enough to choke a billy goat.
Many mission statement are like that.
What they lack in brevity they also lack in _____
You can fill in that blank.

Our newspapers don’t have a mission statement.
We have a purpose: To be essential to our readers.
To publish accurate, timely news and advertising.
That’s still a lot of words. 13 to be exact.
I’ve read mission statements 10 times longer.

The Lord gave Moses 10 simple commandments.
We’ve tried to live by them ever since.

Our columnist Michael Aun favors fewer words.
Michael writes that Bill Belichick has only 3 words.
He tells his New England players, “Do your job.”
If you’re the center your job is simple.
Snap the ball and protect the quarterback.

The quarterback’s job is simple, too.
Find an open receiver and get him the ball.
The receiver’s job is simple, too.
Get open, catch the ball and score.
Football does not have to be complicated.
Look at how many Super Bowls Belichick has won.

Michael says his wife Christine has only 2 words.
Her mission statement is “Be nice.”
“Nice” wins when “nasty” won’t.
I want to follow Christine’s example.
“Be nice” is a mission statement easy to remember.

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