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Have we lost faith in the media?

It's all about fake news, social media censorship

We’ve been warning about this a long time. Now we have learned of a poll that backs us up.
Fake news and slanted reporting on CNN, the New York Times and other news outlets is destroying Americans’ faith in our media to tell the truth.
A new Gallup/Knight study found a growing American perception of media bias.
The poll of 20,000 people found that Americans’ hope for an accurate media is all but lost.
Instead, they see an increasing partisan slant in the news and a media eager to push an agenda. 

These 10 findings hold vital implications for the future of journalism and our democracy:
• The primary reason Americans don’t think media works for them is bias. Nearly 73% of Americans say they see bias in reporting that should be objective, up from 65% in 2017 
• Americans think the media has an agenda. More than 80% say they suspect inaccuracies in stories because reporters misrepresent the facts (54%) or made them up (28%). 
•  Distrust in the media is partisan. 71% of Republicans, 22% of Democrats and 52%of independents have unfavorable opinions of media honesty. 
•  People agree the media is being attacked but 70% of Democrats say it is unjustified, 61% of Republicans say it is.
• Young Americans have more negative views on the media. 19% under 30 have a favorable opinion of the media versus 44% of those 65 and older.
• 48% blames the media for a divided country but 80% believe the media can bring us together, and heal our political division. 
• Americans feel overloaded by news volume and speed. 41% turn to a few trusted news sources, 31% consult a variety,and 17% tune out. 
• People who read and watch local news are more likely to take part in community issues and 81% are more likely to participate in local elections. 
• 84% call the media critical, 49%) important and 35% to provide accurate news.
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