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    Guy Kawasaki advises you to make your world a better place


Better News in Bad Times

Good Monday morning, my friends
Has covid-19 got you down in the dumps?
Here’s a strategy from my friend Guy Kawasaki.
Guy was chief evangelist at Apple computers.
He has written 15 books including “Enchantment.”

He’s also a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz. 
Someone has to do it, right?

Guy advises to make meaning - not money.
When he was at Apple, he was up against IBM.
IBM was the 10-ton elephant in the industry.
He and Steve Jobs set out to better the world.
Look what happened to Apple and IBM. 
Apple is one of the world’s premiere companies. 
IBM no longer is the 10-ton elephant in the industry.

We launched the Chronicle in 1992.
Our rivals had their noses buried in the bottom line.
We aimed to deliver higher value to our community.

Sure, we needed to make money, too.
But money was the by-product, not the goal. 
One competitor has since sold out to us.
The other is nearly bankrupt.

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