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  • Ex-SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh pleaded guilty to fraud charges
    Ex-SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh pleaded guilty to fraud charges

It’s time for victims to speak up

More top brass may plead guilty to fraud
If you are an electricity customer in Lexington County, you are a victim of criminals.

Imagine you are a co-conspirator in the largest robbery in state history – the $2.2 billion fleecing of about 1 million SC Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper ratepayers. 
You may be sitting on a hefty bank account of ill-gotten gains but you’re not sleeping well. 
You don’t know what other conspirators are telling federal investigators about you and when they will haul you in.
That’s what those who went along with SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh and COO Steve Byrne in lying to regulators and lawmakers about their nuclear fiasco. 
More top SC utility executives may be the next to plead guilty to fraud, sources close to the federal probe say. They expect Santee Cooper executives, lawyers and lobbyists to be swept up in the nuclear cover-up.
Santee Cooper executives who knew what was going on lied to their board members who were unprepared to question them, sources told the Chronicle.
Could board members of both utilities be complicit, too?
Ex-SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh agreed weeks ago to:
• Plead guilty to federal conspiracy fraud charges.
• Serve up to 18 months in prison and forfeit $5 million in retirement bonuses.
Sources say SCANA board members who awarded Marsh and Byrne millions in bonuses are under investigation, too
Marsh, 65, now living in North Carolina, helped lead a 2-year cover-up from 2016 to 2018 of the financial nightmare that wrecked the twin nuclear reactor project and all but bankrupted SCANA, SC’s only Fortune 500 company.
SCANA – now owned by Dominion Energy – victimized 725,000 electric ratepayers.
SCANA partner Santee Cooper jacked up its rates to Mid-Carolina Electric Coop member owners in Lexington County.
The more Marsh fingers his co-conspirators, the greater his chances are of less prison time.
If you buy electricity in Lexington County, you’re a victim.
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