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  • George Washington
    George Washington prays for guidance

May you live in interesting times

Better News in Bad Times

Good Friday morning, my friends.
Your patriotic editor talking with you today.

Consider this morning the Chinese curse.
Not the Chinese virus. The Chinese curse:
“May you live in interesting times.”

Consider the curse is actually a blessing.
We indeed live in interesting times.
Misled young people riot in our streets.
Our government locks us in “for our own good.”
Only private businesses and their employees suffer.

Consider other interesting times.
Times, as Thomas Paine wrote, that try our souls.
In our Book Club this week I wrote about “1776.”
That’s the story of a year by David McCullough.

Young George Washington led the patriots.
The hated British Redcoats led the opposition.
It was a tough year for both sides.
It was the year of our Declaration of Independence.
It began our fight for liberation from King George.
That’s what we celebrate tomorrow.
Amid the fun and fireworks, remember this.
Thousands have given their lives for our freedom.

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