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    Did the media get their facts wrong?

Report the truth

A mission the mainstream media missed

Several readers have asked my opinion on the elections and what I think will happen 
My crystal ball went down faster than Windstream wifi.  I can’t see a thing.
That aside, here are 2 observations and a fervent hope for the outcome.
First, the national media ought to be ashamed. That includes the Associated Press which was once a reliable reporter of truth – or as near truth as reporters get. 
As a former state AP Managing Editors Association president, it pains me to see this once fine news service follow the other progressive lemmings off the cliff.
That goes for Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, too. The progressives have infiltrated their news ranks. Fox’s error in calling the Arizona results early was a severe blow to their credibility.
The media has covered the Presidential, House and Senate races like homers. 
Homers, if you don’t know, are those who sit in the broadcast both at sports events and call the game for the home team.
Second, election officials in contested states, particularly Pennsylvania – and especially Philadelphia with all that city means in our nation’s history – should be investigated by the Justice Department or special prosecutor but not the untrustworthy FBI. 
A few election officials should be indicted and convicted of trying to hijack votes.
my fervent hope is that all fraudulent ballots will be thrown out, legitimate ballots found and counted and whoever wins the most Electoral College votes becomes US President next January.
My thanks to Mary Brack and the Lexington County Voter Registration and Elections Commissioners and staff. They did a great job. But we badly need an overhaul of our election system nationwide. If we can cure polio and send astronauts to the moon, setting up foolproof elections should be easy. 
Finally, one of our subscribers wrote the other day to tell me she was disappointed by the bias in our reporting.
She said she appreciates how we stick up for taxpayers and consumers. She likes it that we question public officials, power companies and others about what they are doing – or trying to get away with.
She was not specific about where she detected bias in our reporting. I called her and left a message. Until I hear from her, I won’t reveal her name. But I wonder if others of you think we are biased.
 I’m conservative as you have probably figured out. But we try hard to give all sides of every issue and keep our opinions to ourselves, except on the Opinion page.
We know you are intelligent and community minded or you would not read our newspaper. None of us would want to publish in news articles anything that smacks of bias or appears to be an attempt to sway you to our way of thinking.
If you think I’m wrong, please let me know. Please don’t be like the subscriber who accused us of bias but failed to say how we were biased. You can reach me at\

Jerry Belluhe is co-founder and editor emeritus of the Lexington County Chronicle.

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