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    Even the left-leaning Washington Post called Democrats shameless politicians

Shameful acts on Capitol Hill

Do Democrats want police reform or a November campaign issue?

We don’t often comment on what happens between the divided party hacks on Capitol Hill.
There are more important news developments to analyze and discuss here at home.
But the political football that Congressional Democrats have made of reforming police conduct, training and procedures is disappointing at best.
Our state’s junior senator, Tim Scott, as the only Black Republican in the Senate, is in a unique position to make a difference.
As a child and adult, the senator has experienced some of the same indignities other Blacks have experienced with police.
But when Democrats refused to debate his police reform proposals, even the left-leaning Washington Post called them shameless politicians and accused them of less interest in reform than turning this into a November campaign issue.
Fellow SC Sen. Lindsey Graham said, “Tim Scott can’t be intimidated and he’s trying to solve a problem. He’s experienced things I have not experienced because I’m White. 
“Tim took to the floor of the United States Senate to make it better particularly for young Black men and [Democrat Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer basically told us to go to hell, we care more about the election.
“[Democrats] will do whatever it takes to get power. If you need to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life to keep the seat open, they’ll do it,” Graham said.
Sen. Scott expressed his disappointment saying, “All we needed to complement the President’s executive order was the Democrats to show up and be counted. Just a few Democrats – not 46, just 7 Democrats. And we couldn’t get 7 people to come to the table and say they’re serious about police reform. Instead, what they’re serious about is using police reform as a campaign issue this November. That is despicable.”  
We don’t now how you feel about our local police, how they act or if you think they need to be reformed or not.
We welcome your thinking on this challenging subject. Please write


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