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  • Congressman says this is no time to take away our freedoms
    Congressman says this is no time to take away our freedoms

A Shameful Power Grab in Washington

Congressman Joe Wilson on the latest spending plan

By Congressman Joe Wilson
Special to the Chronicle

South Carolina and the United States are facing unprecedented times.

As we come together to face a crisis head-on, House Democrats are using this as an opportunity to seize  power by expanding government and infringing on freedom.

Last week, I spoke on the House Floor in opposition to this parade of absurdities on behalf of America’s children.

Our families, small businesses, and hospitals need support now, more than ever.

Unfortunately, Congress could not come together to fight for our families and jobs.

Instead, we have the largest out-of-control spending package yet, a $3 trillion wish list that House Democrats put forward.

A bill that truly shows that Democrats will let no crisis go to waste.

While millions of Americans are out of work and our families are attempting to recover, Democrats are mortgaging the future of younger Americans.

This liberal wish list included paying illegal immigrants and giving billions of dollars to states who have already ruined their economy,/

States like South Carolina are already cautiously reopening their economy.

That’s why I voted against this legislation.

The next Democratic power grab was a vote to allow proxy voting in the House.

This pandemic is no excuse to forget our Constitution.

If Congress could vote on the House Floor last week, surely members can conduct official business following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control .

Congress should be at work setting an important example to the American people of this new normal.

I am committed to fighting for jobs in our community and our national security.

I am also committed to our men and women in uniform.

We cannot sit idly by and not do our jobs like Democrats want.

We must work to pass bills, such as the National Defense Authorization Act so that our troops and their families are healthy and safe.

Now is the time for Congress to work together to help our families recover from the coronavirus pandemic, it is not the time for partisan politics.

I will continue to work for the 2nd District to ensure that we recover from this pandemic while also working for jobs and our national security.

Now is the time for resilience, not power grabs.


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