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  • President Trump accused Twitter of trying to silence him
    President Trump accused Twitter of trying to silence him

What just happened to Twitter

Muzzle Americans and you pay a price

It had to happen.

Act like a dictator and you can lose your shirt with Americans.

If you owned 1,000 shares of Twitter Monday, you just lost $6,310 over the weekend.

Shares fell Monday by 12% – $6.30 a share – after Twitter banned President Trump and other conservatives.

Twitter shares closed at $51.48 last Friday.

They dropped Monday to $45.17. 

Google, Amazon and other tech giant censors could take their investors into a nose dive, too.

Publicly-traded mainstream media are expected to face similar financial problems.

Thousands of investors are older, conservative Americans concerned by media and big tech manipulations of reality.

Twitter said it removed Trump’s account on Friday because some of his recent posts glorify violence.

They cited no examples.

Twitter echoed other critics who tried to blame Trump for the breach of the US Capitol.

Trump accused Twitter of helping “Democrats and the Radical Left . . . silence me and you, the 75 million great patriots who voted for me.”

Twitter also banned Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Conservative radio comentators Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others have abandoned Twitter.

Some conservatives have called for a shift to Parler, a Twitter competitor.

Parler went offline Monday after Amazon  refused to host its servers.

Parler sued Amazon later Monday.

Gab, another Twitter competitor, has also seen skyrocketing growth.

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