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SENIOR PROSPECT - Lexington wide receiver Dionta Sanders


The 2020 season was truly a challenge for the Wildcats.

Covid-19 not only delayed the start of the season, but also prevented activities such as ‘7-on-7’ camps for preparation. The team also lost its starting quarterback Cal Herndon for the 2nd straight year before the opener. 

Through all the adversity faced duing the winless campaign, senior Dionte Sanders provided a bright spot. Playing with a new starting quarterback, Sanders managed 20 receptions for 450 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also had a kickoff return for a score. 

His biggest impact came emotionally as a vocal team leader who looked to keep his fellow Wildcats motivated in spite of the struggles. 

“Dionta was a guy for us that you just needed to get the ball near and he could make a play,” Lexington head coach Perry Woolbright said. “One of his biggest assets this year was his leadership for our team.” 

“I was trying my hardest going out there every day preparing, just telling myself that something is going to come through,” he said. “Just keep my head up and stay focused. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t let anything like (covid-19) stop you. Just keep going hard at practice, focus and just tell the guys around you we’ve got this, keep your head up and stuff like that.”  

While Sanders thought he could have accomplished more at Lexington, he’s hopeful to get an opportunity to do so at the college level. So far, only Erskine has submitted an offer. 

“He would be a big pick up for any college that takes him because he hasn’t even come close to reaching his ceiling of the great player he will be,” Woolbright said. 

“I feel like I’ve got talent to be there on Saturdays,” Sanders said. 


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