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    Did Drew Brees stick his foot in his mouth?

The Sports Grouch

Would we be better if we were color blind?

Someone asked me the other day if there was a single thing I wished that could defuse our racial problems. 
My answer was simple. 
I wished that all of us could be color blind.
With that in mind, I want to talk with you about 3 highly-sensitive topics in sports and life:
1. The murder of unarmed George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer who should never have been given a job on the force.
2. Grant Napear, the Sacramento Kings announcer, who was fired for what seemed a racist comment.
3. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees who may have stuck his foot in his mouth in standing up for the national anthem and what it represents.

Justice on trial
George Floyd was the victim of police officer Derek Chauvin who should have been weeded out long ago.
Lets hope our justice system deals as harshly with him and his colleagues who stood by and did nothing as they did with Mr. Floyd.
But the violence, rioting and looting of many businesses in Minneapolis and elsewhere – many of them African-American owned – should not be condoned by the media, politicians and civil activists as acts simply of anger and frustration.
These are criminal acts, most committed by radicals on the left and right, investigators are finding.

Did he do it to himself?
Now about Grant Napear, fired by the Sacramento Kings basketball team. 
Ex-Kings player DeMarcus Cousins and other player’s have questioned Napear’s comments that had nothing to do with basketball.
Cousins’ tweeted a question about the Black Lives Matter movement. 
Like Hillary Clinton and others, Napear may have been ignorant that some people consider “All Lives Matter” a racist response.
When he responded that way, it was enough to get him in trouble. He may have brought this on himself.
Napear was fired after 32 years of calling the NBA team’s games.

An awkward apology
Now about Drew Brees.
The quarterback made the mistake of speaking from his heart about fellow players who have taken a knee during the playing of the national anthem in protest against police violence.
Brees is one of the most successful quarterbacks in pro football. Over his career, he has earned more than $244 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $120 million. 
He works daily with players of all colors, many of them multi-millionaires.
That’s far from what most Americans white, black, Asian or Latino earn.
With our history of racial relations – some good, some bad – and the opportunities that many African-Americans feel they have been denied, Brees came across to them as tone deaf.
Despite his 1st Amendment right to say how he feels, Brees has apologized – whether you think he should have or not.
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