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  • Being a parent is harder than it looks
    Being a parent is harder than it looks

Teacher's pets in trying times

Juggling parenting, work on the home front

I’ll admit I’m lucky. Our kids were grown before the Chinese sent us covid-19.
But sports writer Jason Gay was not. He and his wife have 2 kids, 5 and 7.
His wife is a real teacher.
He is not. 
He writes about sports and a lot of other things for, of all newspapers, The Wall Street Journal. 
I’ll bet you didn’t know that newspaper even had sports writers. They do and they are excellent ones.
They write about sports in ways you won’t see on TV, hear on radio or read in most newspapers except this one. They write about the stories behind the stories you see elsewhere.
Once sports cranks up from its covid slumber, you won’t find the score of Sunday’s Carolina Panthers game or who beat the Atlanta Braves last night in The Wall Street Journal.
But if you are looking for insight into sports – and humor, too – the Journal is a good place to find it.
Make ‘em laugh
 Humor is Jason Gay’s strong suit. He wrote recently about being cooped up with his kids during the forced virus quarantine.
Because his wife is teaching her students remotely in another room, Jason is trying to teach their 2 kids.
His respect for teachers and what they endure is growing by the minute.
Jason’s day begins with “morning meetings” aka group Zoom calls. 
If you’ve never been on Zoom with 20 pre-k students, it’s the most adorable thing you’ll ever see.
Jason writes that you see a screen full of kids, half of them still eating breakfast in their pajamas, howling at each other until the teacher finally mutes them.
Then they begin talking about quantum physics or magical llamas or whatever 5-year-olds talk about.
Jason has found that you need to keep an eye on your children during Zoom calls. 
Once he left his 7-year-old alone. When he returned he learned that his son had fed a live cricket to his pet gecko while his class watched. If he was telling the truth, he probably sewed up the election for 2nd grade class president.
Let ‘em go
Once morning meetings are over, Jason give his children “free range” time. 
They have the option of (a) running around and making a mess or (b) running around and making a mess while daddy checks to see if the Dallas Cowboys have traded anyone.
Jason doesn’t want to sell his kids short. They’re both lovely, intelligent children.
They’re just stuck with a crummy teacher.
Teachers are miracle workers, Jason believes. 
The effort required to move to a live classroom online in a few days is astonishing. I know, because it’s happening in the other room. At night. On the weekends. It never stops.
I join Jason in the hope that when this is over, we step up our respect and commitment to teachers. 
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