West Columbia's Primal Market Rebrands, Adds Coffee Shop


West Columbia’s Primal Gourmet is back with a slightly different name — and a coffee shop in tow.

After announcing a temporary closure on Jan. 25, the market and meal service business that puts priority on fresh, healthy foods and local ingredients, will reopen Feb. 15, and will rebrand as simply Primal. While continuing to operate its Meeting Street market and meal pack programs, the brick-and-mortar will also become home to Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co., bringing another local coffee option to the area.

Owned by Akera Sellers, Brickhouse will operate a full-service coffee shop and cafe in the front of the Primal space, while the market also housed in the building continues to operate.

“A lot more is coming,” Primal owner Greg Martin says in a video posted to Facebook. “This is just the beginning.

In announcing its closure, Primal explained that increasing costs of goods and supply chain issues, along with difficulties keeping the business staffed with qualified employees, was forcing them to rethink their business model.

So far with this relaunch, the only big changes are the addition of the coffee shop and some rebranding.

“We do two things,” Martin explains in the video. “We do Primal Prep Health, which is formerly known as Chef's Choice meal packs, and Primal Prep Home, which is formerly known as our Homebound program.

“These two programs are going to continue operating. And we're continuing to run the market but with a few changes.”

The name change, like the adjustments in the names of Primal’s programs, seems intended to make the business simpler to understand.

“It's who we were since the beginning,” Martin says. “All of you call us Primal. Well, you get what you wish for. We're now Primal.”

The owner indicates that more changes will be announced in the near future.

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